Le Nouveau Home De Joncret, Joncret

A pleasant and comfortable living environment

Aldea took over the real estate and operation of Le Nouveau Home de Joncret. This Residence consists of 37 residential care beds and 5 assisted living flats. This residence offers seniors a pleasant living environment in a family atmosphere.

The qualified and smiling staff is there to help them on a daily basis. At Nouveau Home de Joncret, we fully involve family and friends in the lives of the residents. Maintaining this social bond is important for the well-being of the seniors.

Le Nouvau Home de Joncret

Status Operational
Amount of residential care rooms 37 beds
Info rent T. 071/504302 E. homedejoncret@curavi.be
Address Rue Jean-Joseph Piret, 90B-6280 Joncret