Les Mille Feuillages, Oupeye

Living in a quiet and relaxed environment

At the end of March 2019, Aldea took over the operation of Les Mille Feuillages. The retirement home is located in the village of Hautain-Saint-Siméon and can accommodate 22 residents.

In the spring of 2023 this nursing home will move to Sprimont, together with our other facilities in Beaufays and Liège. There, a new building is currently being built on the existing building. This new building will consist of more than 150 units, residential care rooms and assisted living flats.

Les Mille Feuillages

Amount of residential care rooms 22
Status Operational
Info rent T 04/253.66.96 E. jwt@curavi.be
Adress Au Botiou, 2, 4682 Houtain-Saint-Siméon