Curavi adds quality to life

Curavi is a 100% subsidiary of Aldea Group and takes care of Aldea's own operations. Aldea also cooperates with other healthcare providers for various projects.

The point of departure at Curavi is the respect for the resident as a person: in his independence and in his way of thinking. We fit for patronage. Everybody wants to grow old, but nobody wants to be... Curavi wants the seniors of today to enjoy the pleasures of life and wants to give its residents a meaningful, enjoyable and active future.

Curavi guarantees 24h/24h and 7/7 concierge and lobby services. Do you live in an assistance home, but need help? The nursing staff is at a stone's throw from you and can immediately provide you with the desired care. You live as a couple in an assisted living home, but for one of the partners this form of living is no longer the most suitable, e.g. due to dementia, you can still live close to each other on the same site. In short, Curavi specializes in quality, lifespan proof living in surroundings. We provide the right balance between living and care. Customized care, good food, relaxation and fun, ... At Curavi nothing is necessary, but everything is possible.

Also as an employer Curavi wants to look after the interests of its employees. The individual always comes first.

Curavi wants to be the reference as a care provider. For the elderly, the children and the grandchildren Curavi wants to be the place where people want to grow old or where their loved ones can add quality to their lives.

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